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j&G Villas at Chania Greece

"Crete the island inside you" - Crete Daydreaming


"Crete the island inside you" - Beach Daydreaming


"Crete the island inside you" - Falling in Love Daydreaming


"Crete the island inside you" - Easter Daydreaming


"Crete the island inside you" - Inner Self Daydreaming


A journey through the Old Town of Chania!


Chania, a journey to your senses!


Chania: A journey through its flavours!


Chania: A journey along its beaches!


Chania: A journey through the countryside!


Crete: Cretan Hospitality!

Villa J&G

Kolymbari, Chania
Crete, Greece
Tel: +30 28210 28254 or +30 697 4492567
Email: info@jgvillas-crete.gr
Website: www.jgvillas-crete.gr
ΜΗΤΕ FILIRA: 1042K123K2773701
ΜΗΤΕ IANIRA: 1042K91003088701

Weather in Crete

Partly Cloudy



Partly Cloudy

Humidity: 72%

Wind: 22.53 km/h

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