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Sights in the area worth visiting

  • Moni Gonia Monastery: for the 16th century monastery dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, with its beautiful architecture and impressive collection of relics.
  • Village of Afrata: for dips at its beach, protected within a picturesque little bay as well as for delicious, authentic Cretan cuisine at its tiny taverna.
  • Village of Nochia: for its pottery-making workshops.
  • Village of Episkopi: for its Byzantine church of Archangel Michael, one of the few remaining domed churches in Greece.
  • Village of Spilia: for its refurbished traditional buildings and typical village square, which is often host to live Cretan music and dancing evenings.
  • Menies Beach: for its remote, wildly beautiful stretch of pebbly beach, (accessible only with a 4x4 vehicle, boat or on foot), as well as for the temple of ancient Diktynna.
  • Marathokefala: for the cave of St. John as well as for its panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Deliana: for its beautiful gorge, a relatively easy hike of about 2 hours.
  • Astrikas: for a visit to BIOLEA: a unique organic olive oil manufacturing facility that uses traditional production methods.

Sights in the prefecture of Chania

  • City of Chania: stroll around the Venetian harbor, visit the Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum, the lighthouse, the Venetian Shipyards, the bustling Municipal Market with its exceptional architecture and variety of local tastes and flavors, the Venetian walls, the Synagogue, Firkas Fortress, the mosque of Giali Tzamisi, the Cathedral of Panayia Trimartiris.
  • Small traditional villages: Polirinia, Spilia, Deliana, Therissos, Meskla, Vamos, Gavalohori, Maheri, Douliana, Fres, Vafes
  • Beaches: Falassarna, Ballos, Elafonisi, Kedrodasos, Palaiohora, Sougia, Fragokastelo, Glyka Nera, Marmara, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Menies
  • Gorges: Samaria, Agias Irinis, Ibrou, Aradenas, Sirikariou
  • Areas of natural beauty: Ballos lagoon, Gramvousa island, Kournas lake
  • Archaeological sites: Aptera, Polirinia, Falassarna, Lissos, Diktyna
  • Museums: Chania Archaeological Museum, Folk Art Museum, Maritime Museum of Crete, Byzantine and Pose Byzantine Collection, Historical Archive of Crete
  • Monasteries: Agia Triada, Moni Gouvernetou, Chrisoskalitissa


Distance from J&G Villas: 24km

Chania CreteThe city of Chania is an ideal destination for accessing and exploring the island of Crete. The city has direct access to the other major cities via the highway on the north side of the island.

The Venetian, Turkish, traditional and modern architecture coexist in harmony in the city of Chania, creating a unique and attractive scenery for the visitors. Archaeological sites, temples, squares and unique buildings adorn the attractive city of Chania.

The old city of Chania constitutes a unique historical monument, for which have been made many efforts by the State and the local authorities to preserve and project its historical character. Despite the intense touristic development of the last few decades, the interventions, the disasters and the aspect of modern architecture, the old city managed to preserve its historical and its unique architectural character to a great extent.

The Gorge of Samaria

Gorge of SamariaDistance from J&G Villas: 45km

The gorge of Samaria is the biggest, most imposing and beautiful gorge in Chania and in Europe, and that is why it is internationally renown and mostly visited, since more than 300.000 people have the opportunity to cross it each year. It has a wonderful landscape with rare geo-morphological formations. It is a unique biotope with particular richness in fauna and flora. It has a rich mythology as well, that goes back to pre-historical years and a tumultuous history during the difficult years of Crete.

The length of the passage to the limits of the park is 12,800 km and the distance to the coast of Agia Roumeli is then another 3,200 km. Its crossing at a good pace can be done in five or fewer hours, but it is preferable not to walk less than 6 to 8 hours in order to enjoy its incomparable beauties.



Distance from J&G Villas: 29km

Falasarna beachFalassarna is a small resort boasting one of the best-known beaches in Chania Prefecture and indeed the whole of Crete, which attracts large numbers of tourists every summer. Nowadays Falassarna is a famous Cretan destination, thanks to its beaches and also its ecological interest. Falassarna Beach has won prizes for being the most beautiful beach in Crete and is always one of the top ten beaches in Europe, with its wonderful, fine white sand and warm, crystal-clear water.

The beach of Pachia Ammos is so big that it rarely feels overcrowded even in high summer, when you are surrounded by hundreds of people. 


Gramvousa - Balos

Distance from J&G Villas: 29km

GramvousaThe peninsula of Gramvousa occupies the northwest of Crete and near its tip it has two islands, a good beach, an anchorage for small boats in bad weather, and the remains of a large Venetian castle. You may go to Gramvousa by organized boat trip from Kastelli or on foot. The boat trip is one hour long and the views of the rugged coastline are terrific. The hike, although not hard or long, can be very difficult during the summer months, when the sun and heat are strong. During the spring the area is blanketed in flowers.



Elafonissi beach in CreteDistance from J&G Villas: 50km

Elafonissi is something like an island and a peninsula, because to reach the island you have to walk through the sea. It is located in the southwest end of the prefecture of Chania, Crete, about 70km from the city of Chania. Elafonisi is a place of an exceptional natural beauty, and it has been included in the Natura 2000 Protection Program. That's why it is such a popular beach destination in the prefecture of Chania, and a top of the top beach destinations all over Crete.



Distance from J&G Villas: 55km

Beach in PaleochoraPaleochora is a coastal town located on the southwest coast of Crete, approximately 70km from Chania and 200km from Heraklion. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays, and as it borders the Libyan Sea it is justly regarded as the “Libyan Bride” and “Land of the Sun”. Around Paleochora are located some of the best beaches in Crete.

There are several hiking trails including the European E4 & E1 and whichever one you chose to take they all end up at one of beautiful beaches of the area. Water activities include swimming, surfing, water skiing, snorkelling, jet ski, kite, sailing, fishing ...

In the evenings visitors can enjoy a walk, food, wine, coffee etc., in both the sea front and central streets of Paleochora which remain closed to vehicles all night, and are transformed into pedestrian streets with tables & chairs.



Distance from J&G Villas: 161km

Knossos Palace in CreteThe Palace of Knossos. It is the largest of the preserved Minoan palatial centres. Four wings are arranged around a central courtyard, containing the royal quarters, workshops, shrines, storerooms, repositories, the throne room and banquet halls. Dated to 2000-1350 B.C. The Little Palace. It lies to the west of the main palace and has all the features of palatial architecture: scraped wall masonry, reception rooms, a pristyle hall, a double megaron with polythyra (pi er-and-door partitions) and a lustral basin-shrine. Dated to the 17th-15th centuries B.C

You can get some practical information about your visit in Knossos here.

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